Taper Shank Arbor cho khoan Chuck

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Ren trượt cho ngàm khoan / ZKD 216 & ZKD 316
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ZKD 216 DIN 238 - MK 2/B16

ZKD 316 DIN 238 - MK 3/B16

Côn chân arbors cho khoan chuck có sẵn trong morse côn 2 và 3

ZKD 216 For Morse Taper 2

ZKD 316 For Morse Taper 3

Taper Shank Arbors ZKD Is Used In Combination With Gear Rim Drill Chuck ZBK Or Keyless Quick Action Gear Rim Drill Chuck ZSB. The ZKD Drill Drift Arbors Are Meant For Magnetic Drilling Machines With Morse Taper Either Morse Taper 2 Or Morse Taper 3. The ZKD Drill Drift Arbors For Drill Chuck Are Ideal For Drilling With Twist Drill Bits On A Magnetic Drilling Machine. Just Connect The ZKD Drill Drift Arbor To The Drill Chuck, Place The Combination Arbor And Drill Chuck Inside The Morse Taper Spindle Of The Magnetic Drilling Machine And Then Insert The Desired Twist Drill Bit Inside The Drill Chuck, Thus Its Ready To Use Twist Drills On The Magnetic Drilling Machine..

Please Note: BDS Has Developed Special Twist Drill Bits With Weldon Shank As A Standard Instead Of Straight Shank. These Special Twist Drill Bits With Weldon Shank Can Be Directly Used With A Magnetic Drilling Machine With Direct Arbour (Without Any Morse Taper). No Need For Using Any Kind O Adapter. The Article Number For The Special Twist Drill Bits With Weldon Shank Is SPS And Is Available From Diameter 6 mm To 14